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our design process

Design encompasses so much, but at its core it’s about how something works. Our design methodology requires a solid foundation of understanding – so we research. With our understanding, we then create some viable solutions to getting the user’s problems met. Finally, through iterative testing, we determine the ideal solution.

It’s not just about how it looks, but how it fits the needs and purposes of the person who wants to go from A to B. That’s design at Digital Makers.


The learn phase is about going from uncertainty to certainty – we research and gather insights into the problem you want to tackle.

project kick-off

sme & user interviews

business & technical workshops

experience & empathy mapping

competitor analysis

user requirements gathering


The create phase takes our research and learnings, and allows our team to come up with the right solution in how we’ll solve the problem for you and your users.

user personas & journey mapping

user flow maps

user stories & prioritisation

wireframes & prototyping

information architecture

technical check-in


The determine phase allows us to test our approach in the real-world with users. We take our learnings, reiterate on them, and apply that understanding.

user testing

design systems

iteration on previous phases

key concept designs

design & build estimates

interface motion design

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